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Thanks so much to everyone who came to help clean yesterday :) It always makes such a difference. A few quick things. We extended two shelves in the wheel room. We tried to keep most people’s things at a similar height and where careful as possible while moving anything! we had no casualties. Second, the people who came in to clean spent over 3 man hours cleaning boards, bats, tools, brushes, these are things you should be cleaning after every use so they are clean for the next person. Even if you find something dirty please return it clean. If we can not respect the small supplies better, fortunately you will need to purchase your own tools and boards And store them on your shelf. I offer supplies to limit the amount of things you are required to supply, but also so you don’t have to store these things because I kno they take up space on your shelf and are a pain to remember. Let’s all try a little better at this please :) Third, we have two open shelves in the wheel room coming up, if anyone that has storage in the HB room or the hallway and you want to swap we can do that! First come first serve! Just lmk your swapping first so I can write it down. Sorry for the long Monday thread enjoy your week potters

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