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Hey guys! I just wanted to make a little post about some things going on in the kiln room. I’m not one to make serious posts, but I was pretty upset about what happened to a piece of mine.

Ive been noticing a lot of pieces are being touched by other members or possibly some people from class. Please remember that it’s okay to look at others pieces but we should never touch it, unless they are there to say it’s okay. I moved maybe 6 pieces over to the accidents shelf just today because they had glaze chipped off from people touching/bumping them once they’re in the glaze shelves.

Personally, I underglaze the bottom half of almost every piece I make. When I drop them off I have to make sure there aren’t any finger prints on the bottom, because they show up after the firing. Nearly every time I’ve come in over the past few months I’ve had to touch up/re-glaze or clean my pieces because there are clay finger prints and sometimes globs from others touching them. Over all it adds up to hours of wasted time and materials that I shouldn't have to use. I know I’m not the only one.

Please just remember that even though we are in a public space, these are not our pieces to be touching. It’s so easy to mess up someone else’s piece. Just imagine how upset you would be if it was yours! Especially since I know so many of our members make pieces to sell and rely on that income.

On a similar but different note, check the accidents shelf, it’s very full!

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Chelsi Hanley
02 de mar. de 2021

You got it!

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