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Good afternoon potters! PLEASE READ AND LIKE THIS POST. We've

included lots of updates on holiday related subjects below.

1: Holiday Deadlines

Here are the deadlines to have your work on the appropriate shelves to get them fired during December.

-Greenware shelves before Thanksgiving

-The last glaze fire before week 6 class bisque firings will be 12/4 (be aware the shelves may be

full and your work won't make the next glaze until 12/12)

-We'll do as many glaze firings as possible since the classes will be glazing

the week of the 12th and will fill the shelves quickly. Classes do take priority as they only glaze during week 7.

-The last glaze will be unloaded on Friday 12/23 by the evening. We will not plan

any firings over the Christmas weekend since staff will be unavailable for the holidays!

2: Holiday Craft Sale

We are starting to plan the Holiday Sale! It will be 12/10 10-2 (set up 9am).

Applications will be $10 and only for Pottery Mill Members. We will use tables

around the studio/bring your own. We are open to other crafts from our

potters just check in first. More info coming very soon!

3: Holiday Party

We'd like to do a holiday potluck and in person pot swap/games on 12/21 in the

evening. Please talk to Jessica about any ideas for this studio event.

4: Pot Swap

As always we are doing our THIRD annual pot swap! This will be done through

online sign ups and gifts should be placed by 12/30 this year. More on this

will be announced soon too!

5: Studio Expansion!

We also are preparing to expand the studio into one more room! This means

we will be working slowly over the next few months moving shelves and

other things around the studio so please be on the lookout for posts and

personal messages about these updates!

Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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