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Hey y'all! Just a couple of announcements

  1. Glaze kiln unloaded under 10/24 ☺️

  2. This might sound really early, but the holiday season is coming soon, and you should plan to make any holiday gifts/decorations/etc ASAP. December 5th - 18th are Weeks 6 & 7 of classes, and we will prioritize firing their pieces before anyone else's. As such, you should plan to have any holiday gifts/items glazed and on the glaze shelves by December 2nd. We cannot guarantee that you'll have your gifts in time if it's on the glaze shelves after this date. Also, we are not planning on unloading a kiln over Christmas weekend, so don't expect someone to come in on the 24th/25th to unload a kiln for a last-minute gift (but we'll try to squeeze a last kiln firing to be unloaded on the 23rd). We'll remind y'all of all this info a couple more times in November as well! Happy making y'all ❤️

And that's it! Have a great rest of the day 🥰

Jessica Dupuis


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