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Morning guys! Im noticing a lot of people double and triple firing their glaze work. This is becoming a HUGE problem. Its rare that a refire is actually going to fix what ever you are unhappy about on your piece. It’s also not built into the kiln budget when you buy clay and it’s not fair to other people waiting in line. I counted over 20 refires the other day. My personal suggestion is to learn from your mistakes. All the time fixing glazes and you could have made a new piece, or spent an hour practicing dunking glaze. I do understand trying to fix a small blemish or two but like I said it’s not the answer and there are way to many pottety treating this service as such. We will now be charging for refires, unless they where our fault (like the kiln didn’t get hot enough, some glaze chipped before it went in ext.) There will be slips in the clay closet for purchase. They will be signed by me and you can put your name and date on each slip and put them into your piece for a refire. They will be 3$ a piece. I’m not trying to nickel and dime everyone I’m trying to prevent bad habits. This is a common solution at many studios.

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Feb 20, 2021

@Chelsi Hanley sounds reasonable

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