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Hi all, please like so I know you’ve read this post! This is the 2nd post this week being made about pieces that were broken with no note left behind. I came in tonight to find a mug with a broken handle. The pieces were on the shelf and the floor below, some even kicked off into the corner. I understand that greenware pieces are fragile, but knowing this we need to be extra careful around others pieces. Clay is replaceable, but what isn’t replaceable is the time and effort that people put into their work. Especially around this time of year, people can be relying on a certain piece to make it through. Please make sure we are being careful. If you do end up breaking a piece (accidents happen) you need to leave a note to let this person know. It is your responsibility as a member to be respectful of the space and the members around you. This includes owning up when we break something by accident.

I’ve done it myself as well as found my own pieces broken. A note is always less upsetting than finding your piece like that. I will attach a picture of the mug, please send me a message if it is yours as there was no name.

Gina Hupprich
Katie King
Nancy Foti
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