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Clean up day will be next week! PLEASE READ AND LIKE SO WE KNOW YOU’VE SEEN IT Please vote for an option below for a day you can come, if you vote for a day we WILL EXPECT to see you there (we use the votes to count how many people will come). Even if it's just for a few minutes everyone's help is appreciated!

As always we'll start at 5pm For all our new members here’s how our cleanup day goes, we’ll clean for about 2-3 hours throughout the studio; floors, tools, equipment, etc. The more members that come and help the quicker we get things done! It is in your contract to join us for a cleanup day, but we know not everyone can come. We will announce the chosen day this weekend. As always if we don’t finish a task I’ll leave a list on the whiteboard up in the wheel room. Thanks!

What day at 5pm works best for you?

  • 0%Monday 4/29

  • 0%Tuesday 4/30

  • 0%Wednesday 5/1

Jiaxi Jin
Rachel  DiAngelo
Rachel McGraw
Samantha Frey
Katherine Carey
Katherine Carey
26. Apr.

I am not able to make it, but I will be in tomorrow morning and can get started on any tasks!

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