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Hi guys! We made some changes to our pop up sales we are doing at farmer markets/ craft fairs/ and all of those things.

  1. We are limiting the amount of members who can participate to 10 artists. this is to increase better sales for you. It also gives you way more space to display stuff instead of being restricted to a cubby.

  2. We are charging 15% of the event fee! This will be consistent with each event, so when we tell you the cost, you are saving 85% of that event fee

  3. . Staff space, unless they pay as a member will be limited.

  4. I want to remind you the cut that we do take from sold items covers taxes, staff time to set these tables up and break them down, and their time sitting there so you do not have to be at an event all day

  5. We will have new organized boxes for you to use when packing your stuff so it's easier for staff and consistent among other participants . And hopefully we don't have another crazy rain evacuation where us repackaging was so stressful

  6. Please have cards and stuff so we can support you as an artist

That being said, we have a movement event coming up and I think its 10$ for a spot, I'd love to see a new more spots fill! I'm going to put the link in the comments

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