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What’s poppin’ potters! 2 things for y’all this morning: glaze is out and parking lot. Glaze pics below, check them out! (includes an amazing bowl from Crit that I have fallen in love with). So, as for the parking lot, as some of you know we do have access to the small lot at the right of our door (with the double gates that usually keep it locked) Our neighbor Sue usually unlocks it in the morning when she arrives-you can park in there just drive in slow, she has some kids that may be playing out in there. As for locking up, if you are the last one in there at night (any time after 7pm) please please please lock the gates! You can park in the street and lock up before you go, takes just minute. You don’t need a key just wrap the chain link around the doors and close the lock. if for whatever reason you get locked in we keep a key to the lot on the hook in the wheel room at the bottom of the stairs as you come in labeled “Parking lot” you can use that to unlock the gate whether you’re heading in or out. Just return it when you’re done unlocking!! Please like this post so I know you’ve read through it. Sorry for a long one this morning, happy potting!

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