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Helllloooo potters! Ive heard some interest for the Handbuilding course this session and wanted to share what projects I’ve been thinking about doing. It all depends on whether or not we have complete beginners so they are subject to change but for the most part these will be the lessons (I’m always open to suggestions as well). We begin Nov 4th, class is 6:30-9. ALSO, if there is an interest in completing the class online from home over Zoom that can be arranged! The ticket will be the same price. Just reach out and let me know 😊 A reminder that members get a discount on ALL classes and workshops using the code MEM15. When you go on our Eventbrite and choose the class before you even choose your date, in the top left corner of the pop up showing the dates it’ll say “enter promo code” and thats where you can put your discount. Let me know if you have any questions! 🥰

Matt Camburn
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