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Hey everyone!

I’m sure you were as eager as we were on Monday to hear Gov. Baker’s plan for reopening. From that briefing, we are somewhat familiar with where we fall under that plan (phase 2), but the state requires us to submit a plan to reopen; I’ve listed below what we are asking of members to keep our studio functioning reasonably & safely. We (Chelsi and I) simply cannot keep up with cleaning communal supplies, so we are continuing to ask you to supply your own (this will continue after the pandemic). That is the majority of what you can do on your part, so please help us out here.

1. Members should supply their own cleaning sponge, bucket, boards, tools, etc. If you feel uncomfortable going out to purchase those materials, we will be stocking the clay closet with these things, please pay accordingly. Prices will be posted here soon as well as outside the closet in the handbuilding room.

-Bucket (our studio favorite) One with a handle is very convenient, doesn’t need a lid.

-Sponge (another studio favorite, but you could totally find a cheaper one)

-Tools (A cheap intro pack)

-Tools (Kemper is our favorite brand, these last a long time)

-Boards and Bats; we’ll be supplying MDF (brown) boards at the studio for purchase, however now would be a good time to invest in some throwing bats-these can be doubled as storage for work. Our wheel’s bat pins are spaced 10”, buy appropriately sized bats!

2. We will no longer be supplying the 2 oz underglazes to members, please supply your own! 

-Dick Blick has the cheapest underglazes I’ve found, you can buy 2oz and 16oz singularly or in “classroom” packs. They have amaco, speedball and Mayco, all good brands. (we use amaco in the studio)

3. Of the 6 tables, 1 person will be at each, to ensure 6 foot distance, this means 6 people max, may use the wheel room at one time.

4. The wheels will be spaced out throughout the wheel room, and will no longer be facing each other

5. We will be taping arrows around the room to direct foot traffic, this way no one will be bumping into each other and maintain a good distance

6. We ask that no members be glazing in the wheel room while classes are in session. If there is an open table in the wheel room (not being used at all that night, as in a class not full capacity) you can use that space to glaze. Reach out to Chelsi or I before you plan on coming in. This situation may change, we’ll keep you posted. 

7. As for recycle clay, we will resume collecting it. It will be dried out completely for a month to kill any trace of the virus. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know. 

8. Slip, paintbrushes, wax, glazes, drills, mixing attachments, tongs, and hand-building tools, spray booth, extruder, slab roller,  will still be open to communal studio use. Please wash these with hot water and use clorox wipes on drills after using them (unless you are wearing gloves).

9. We’ll continue to not supply snacks or fridge space to members. If you are using our water bubbler, please bring your own cup.

Please know we are asking you all of this so that we can continue to allow members into our space, now for longer periods of time! Much safer as well. Let us know if you have any questions!

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