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Hi all! Looks like our Studio Clean Up day will be on Sunday September 1st from 1-3pm. Thanks so much to everyone who provided input and who will be providing some cleaning time into our space! If you cannot attend clean up day, have no fear. I’ll be putting up a to-do list on the light blue bulletin board in the wheel-working room! If you have an hour, even 30 minutes to spare that week please look at the list and check the done box after completing a task so we know it gets done and what still needs some TLC. Many thanks in advance!

Matt Camburn
Jenne Norton
Cathy Whalen Gunnulfsen
Cathy Whalen Gunnulfsen
01 oct. 2020

That’s a great idea! I’m not sure if we’ll be available since it’s the long weekend. If I’m around I’ll definitely be there if not I’ll check out the list.



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