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Hi y’all! Some updates about Lowell Folk Fest and our gallery show. We will also update the pinned post with these details, finalized dates, and links.

A. We’re officially a vendor at Lowell Folk Festival’s Marketplace! Below will contain tons of details and links for the event, but the short version is that we want to sell your pottery for you!

Dates and Times for our booth:

  • Saturday July 27th, 12pm – 7:30pm

  • Sunday July 28th, 12pm – 6pm

Located in the Enterprise Bank parking lot at 222 Merrimack Street

We are asking that each member pay a registration fee of $20 per shelf spot (only $10 a day!!).

All other fees will include:

  • MA Sales Tax - 6.25%

  • Stripe % - 2.90%

  • Stripe $  - $0.30

  • Pottery Mill % - 20.00%

The studio will only take 20% off of your sales for packaging and staffing. All of our planning and packaging information can be found on the waiver below.


1) Fill out the Community Table Waiver

2) Purchase your shelf spots (This will look like you are booking class tickets, so you’ll need to select July 27th. Each “participant” is actually a shelf space.)

3) Fill out your inventory under the Lowell Folk Fest 2024 sheet:

This is a great chance to sell your pieces to a large audience (100,000 visitors expected that weekend) without you even being there!

B. The title of our upcoming gallery show will be titled “Clay & Community”! With it coming up in only a little more than two months, here is our submission form for any interested potters. The due date for submissions is JULY 31ST. Please fill this form out for each body of work you plan on submitting (a “body of work” is more clearly defined in the form).

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or Jessica!

Gregg McWhirk
Jessica Dupuis
Marion Watson
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