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Glaze unloaded! And a bisque that had a lot of class stuff.

Another announcement: the studio will be doing a luster firing on June 25th!

A luster firing is a third firing where you add gold or other metallic decor to your glaze-fired pieces. Attached is a picture of the results! If you’re interested, you’re looking for an overglaze that will fire to Cone 018 - 019. I bought mine from Sheffield Pottery, from the brand Duncan. To participate, please buy a re-firing slip from the clay closet for each piece you have (unless it’s a bunch of tiny things, in which see staff to negotiate). Then, place your piece and slip on the teal cart in the glaze room! Please have it by June 24th the latest.

Just a note, but it’s recommended that you don’t apply the overglaze more than a couple of days in advance, and that you apply it in places with good ventilation. It’s not good to breathe in! Your pieces will also not be microwavable anymore because of the metal. This will be the last luster firing the studio will have. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Amy Heath
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Amy Heath
Amy Heath
May 31

Super excited to try out some things with the luster firing! When you say the last- do you mean for the year or ever?!

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