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Flexi-Bats are a lot of fun! They are a great way to add a creative addition to the bottom of your pot. With a textured puck, beautiful detail is built in to the base of your pottery while you work! 

Our pucks are elevated off the bat to push the design 3mm into your pot giving you the opportunity to create a foot around the design while you work! The puck is 2.8inches in diameter.  You can make the foot as wide as you would like. Because the bats create the pattern and the foot while you work, you spend zero to very minimal time trimming. Each bat is perfectly fitted for a 10" standard bat pin placement of the potter's wheel. Made from a flexible foam material, our bats do not have the loud wobbling and shuffling noise that other bats have.  The bats are absorbent and stretch around the wing nuts of your wheel and last for a generous amount of uses. The square shape of the bat helps with optimal storage for your work. 


PLEASE READ While Flexi-bats allow you to create a beautiful design on the foot of your piece, they do take some practice and may not be ideal for beginner throwers. Our bats are made of a flexible material that allows the release of the puck/mold from the clay.  Because of this there can be a learning curve on the wheel until you get the hang of them ( like anything new) please be open to tips and suggestions offered on our youtube video.  


- We DO offer grommets for $1 that can be inserted into the bat-pin holes to add a ridged hold against the bat pins.  This helps some potters keep the bat in place while they work on the wheel. You'll want to add these on at the time of purchase, we do not sell them separately.  Please read the grommet description for more details


-Orientation stamps are mini versions of the stamp that are on the bottom of your piece.  Originally they were created so potters knew what bat they were throwing on while they worked and to know the orientation of the puck. They have been used for numerous reasons since, so we've decided to offer them separately. Now you could add them wherever you want on your bat ( or  use completely separately). You do want to add these on at the time of purchase, we do not sell them separately. Orientation stamps $1, please read the orientation stamp product description for more details. 

Poppy Flower

  • We know that you are excited about your order and we want to get your products to you as soon as possible, with our two person team this is our fullfilment schedule We follow a sunday through saturday scheudle, orders placed within that week are made the following sunday through Tuesday, packaged on Wedsday, picked up on thursday and shipped Friday. 

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