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Thanks to our new intern, Kristen Brown, for unloading this glaze kiln! And this will be my last post as I head out for the month 🫡 Wishing you the best in the meanwhile 🍁

  • Chrissy Ordyna
    Katie King

    These were on my shelf and they are not mine ( I have the same set elsewhere). I will leave in the lost and found.

  • The owner of this glaze accidentally placed it on my shelf. I've left in the lost and found!

  • Hi there! I got a piece back after the bisque firing where one of the legs on my pot came off completely. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? I saw that there is a product called bisque fix. Does the studio have any or are there any other ideas? It's not crucial but i made a cauldron for halloween lol thanks in advance for thoughts!

  • We've just added a new post to the event planning page for all of our ideas for the rest of the year. Please feel free to join that group and check them out as we'd love feedback as soon as possible.

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