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Two things for you all, Tie Dye Day updates and Sidewalk Sale reminder!

Based on your votes, Sunday July 14th pulled ahead as the fan favorite with 14+ votes. So we’ll plan for 1pm that day! The link to purchase your ticket is below and is the same for the sidewalk sale. This ticket includes the tshirt and tie dye. Select the event and scroll to the right date to find the registration spot. Then there is a custom form at the end to include your tshirt size. I will be ordering the shirts by June 25th so you’ll need to have your order in by then.

The sidewalk sale is coming up fast! With just over a month before it we’ll be advertising online soon and also start putting out signs and flyers. We’d love to have as many of you join as possible and wether you think you’ll…

Amy Heath
Chrissy Ordyna

Tie dye updates for you all! Here is a mock up of the shirt design along with a google poll for what dates and times work for you. I’m hoping to pick the most optimal weekend afternoon for everybody in July.

I will announce a few of the most voted for dates on May 23rd then you can all vote there on my post for the official date!

Once that’s announce I will make the Booking Service live so you can purchase a ticket which will I live the cost of the shirt and tie dye ($15). The shirt is also available on our website under Apparel if you miss the sign up dates and still want one. Again this would be so fun as a pot luck so feel free to comment if you want to bring anything. If it’s a big hit we’re also open to future events…

Paige Kennery
Susan  G
Amy Heath
Shannon Giguere

We're excited to announce our 4th annual Sidewalk Sale!

When: Saturday 6/29 10am-3pm (rain date 7/6)

Where: In the Shaw Street parking lot

The registration link is at the bottom of this post and you can also find it on the Services Tab here on Spaces. Each member will pay a registration fee of $15. This will cover mostly advertising for the event as well as some supplies. The studio will not be taking any additional commission as this sale will be manned by you! You will be responsible for all of the following:

David Dam
Amy Heath

Happy warm sunny Wednesday potters! I’ve got a list of announcements for you so take a minute to read through ☀️

  1. A few summers ago we did a tie dye day where you could preorder a shirt designed by us and then we all dyed them together and we’d love to do that again in June! Probably around lunch time on a weekend day. But we want to creat a new design so I wanna know your ideas! Any pottery themed design is good, not necessarily with our logos large on it. Let me know your ideas in the comments and we’ll make a pile for scheduling next week.

  2. Also in June we’re planning our Sidewalk Sale!!! This will be 10-3 on 6/29 with a rain date on 7/6. Send me a message if you want to sign up. This will not be a community table sale but instead a…

Gina Hupprich

We’re excited to announce our next community sale! Pottery Mill has been accepted into the Experience Lowell Art Market Winterfest in February. Below you’ll find tons of details and links for the event, including dates/location and all the info to sign up.

Friday 2/16, 6pm - 8:45pm

Saturday 2/17, 12pm - 8:45pmLocated in the Enterprise Bank parking lot at 222 Merrimack Street

We’re going to accept up to 8 members so please send me a message here on Spaces so I can chat with you and send over the registration steps. Each member will pay a registration fee of $10 per plastic tote (provided by us to manage sizing and volume of pottery). All other fees will include:

  • MA Sales Tax - 6.25%

Cat Noeth
Jackie Ose
Kristen Brown

Sign ups for the Holiday Sale CLOSE ON MONDAY 12/11. There are so many of you with great works I'd love to see you sign up and join us on the 16th!

For those of you with websites/etsys we have a QR code and link on our website to the Canva document to share that info with potential shoppers so feel free to follow the steps on the last page of this link to add your info:

David has another glaze unloaded and more going in so come get your stuff and clear out our very full take home shelves! Don't forget to grab your kiln cookies too


We’re excited to announce that we’re doing the holiday sale again this year, it’ll be our third year so we hope for a great turnout.

It will be on Saturday 12/16 from 1-5pm so we won’t be in the way of the 7 week class (glaze day) or the otw. Table space will mostly be assigned upon arrival and we will be utilizing the HB, glaze, and class rooms before the wheel room. We’ll have guests arrive through the Chelmsford St door to help ensure the flow of shoppers sees everyone’s pieces.

Below you’ll find the registration like to purchase a space as well as the flyer and Facebook event. Even if you aren’t joining us in the studio that afternoon please please feel free to share the flyer on you socials. There are no additional fees as you will be manning your own table and…

David Dam

Three quick things for you today!

First- only a few more days until the Nashua YMCA sale!!! I'm excited to bring your pieces to sell. People have already started dropping off full totes by the HB light switch!

Second- I'll be getting a small tree tomorrow and organizing some small prizes for our holiday raffle. I'll make a list and instructions for the top of the tree so you guys can decorate with some ornaments that represent you!

Third- David and I have some lamp examples for you! I'll attach a poll to this post to see what days/times work for you guys so we can have a little wiring party in December.

Gina Hupprich

For anyone still thinking about doing the sale next weekend: We have only a couple spots left so make your choices now!

For anyone who has signed up for the sale already: The tote and towels are in the wheel room for you. Feel free to grab a set and take it home to pack your pots (I divide up the towels in each tote). I think you have enough towels each, but if not, you may use your own and will try to keep it packaged with your pots.

Please return your totes by next Thursday for me.

We have a whole bunch of holiday-ish updates for you guys!

  1. The November community sale at the Nashua YMCA is coming up fast and we would love to have more of you sign up! Check out Jessica's previous post under the studio events tag to follow the steps to sign up. This is an amazing opportunity for members who have little inventory, or don’t want to take the full cost of a craft fair on their own yet.

  2. It’s time to announce our fourth annual Pottery Mill pot swap! Here’s the link to sign up: Please sign up before 11/18 and be ready to drop off your gift before the end of the year!

  3. Instead of a shelf decorating contest this year, we will be doing a raffle for members who make an ornament to decorate. The small tree will have in the studio. Please feel free to make…

Jessica Dupuis
Kate Lai

Okay it's finally time to announce our next community table sale!!!! This one is on Sat 11/11 9-2 at the Nashua YMCA.

We'll be able to have 10 potters and you'll each get two shelves of our display racks. Each member's registration fee will be only $10 per pair of shelves. All other fees will include: MA Sales Tax - 6.25% Stripe % - 2.90% Stripe $  - $0.30 Pottery Mill % - 20.00% The studio will only take 20% off of your sales for packaging and staffing.

All of our planning and packaging information can be found on the waiver below. We will be providing storage boxes and towels to keep the column of pottery to the appropriate amount (folk fest I had sooo many extra pots)


1) Fill out the updated Community Table Waiver

2) Purchase…


We've just added a new post to the event planning page for all of our ideas for the rest of the year. Please feel free to join that group and check them out as we'd love feedback as soon as possible.

Lonely Clay

After a well needed day off I’m back and finally dry! First, a glaze has been unloaded today.

Now for the fun parts; we had a great time at the Folk Festival despite having their FIRST EVER evacuation/shelter in place Saturday afternoon and the first ever tent colapse for the tent complaint that took out our folding tables. I have lots of housekeeping and notes for those who participated or anyone looking forward to our next sale!

  • Y’all profited $1500 and sold 84 pots! Keep in mind 3/4 of that was Sunday because we didn’t get rained out. Can you imagine how great the whole two days would have been for everybody.

  • All of your work is ready for pickup. Many of your pieces that were displayed Saturday got very jumbled as I had to break down the whole display myself in like half an hour before sheltering in place…

Katie King
Lonely Clay
Nicole Barta

Get ready to hear all about this year's Lowell Folk Festival! Below will contain tons of details and links for the event, but the short version is that we want to sell your pottery for you at the Experience Lowell Marketplace at the Folk Festival.

Dates and Times for our booth at Experience Lowell:

Saturday July 29th, 12pm – 6pm

Sunday July 30th, 12pm – 6pm

Lonely Clay
Kate Lai

Good morning potters, two reminders for you all for the sidewalk sale and our Raku firing folks.

Registration for the sidewalk sale should be done asap so we can work on planning and our advertising. I'd love to focus the next few week' social media on out members work so feel free to send me pictures. You are allowed to split the 10x10 space with someone or we're pretty set on adding a community table if you just have a few pots. You can also message David and me for this

Register here:

And for our raku folks! If you haven't done so already please have your work finished & bone dry by next Monday as I'll try to squeeze in a last minute bisque to ensure all your work is ready. As a reminder please try to arrive to Chelsi's in Dracut by 1 at the latest and…

Lonely Clay
Nancy Foti
Talia Shabanian
Matt Camburn

Hi y'all :) It's that time of the year for the studio's annual Sidewalk Sale! Some details below:

  1. The date will be Saturday, June 24th (rain date July 1st). 11 AM - 3 PM.

  2. This is a great chance to sell your work, especially for first timers!

  3. It will be held outside. Highly recommend bringing a tent and a portable fan.

  4. Registration costs $10, and you will have to provide your own table/chairs/etc..

Lonely Clay
Nancy Foti
Jiaxi Jin

Afternoon potters!

A reminder that Tuesday 8/9 we’ll be tie dying at 6pm and we want to see you there! Bring your own shirts and snacks! It’ll be $5 for BYOS(hirt) and for our members who ordered a shirt please Venmo Chelsi $20 by the event time. THANKS and we hope to see you all there!

Chelsi’s Venmo is @Chelsiii21




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