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Hello hi & good morning!

It’s that time again when we plan our studio cleanup! For all our new members here’s the lowdown. We clean for abt 2-3 hours throughout the studio; floors, tools, equipment, etc. The more members that come and help the quicker we get things done! It is in your contract to join us for a cleanup day, but we know not everyone can come. So please please PLEASE come if you can! It is extremely helpful to everyone using our space 😊 I’ve listed some options for y’all to vote on, whatever gets the most votes will be our cleanup day-I’ll announce that by Monday next week. As always if we don’t finish a task I’ll leave a list on the whiteboard up in the wheel room. Thanks everyone ❤️

Clean up day that works best for you! 🧼🧽

  • 0%Wednesday May 5th, 5-9

  • 0%Thursday May 6th 5-9


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