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A few studio reminders for you all, PLEASE LIKE SO WE KNOW YOU'VE READ THIS

  1. The sink in the private room is for BROWN CLAY ONLY. Cleaning up any white clay in the sink will cause cross-contamination, meaning the brown clay will be stained white! Staff found a heaping pile of white clay left behind in the sink from Tuesday night.

  2. We've had a ton more greenware in the last week than usual, so much so that the shelves overfilled in one night. When you run out of space PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE SIGN DOWN FURTHER. Also Tuesday night a member started putting wet work into the oldest (and driest) pieces. Other members also found space wherever they could. THIS IS HOW WET PIECES CUT THE LINE AND END UP EXPLODING IN THE KILN! Please let staff know so we can roll in the spare shelving or grab it yourself.

These issues don't come up often but thank you all for staying attentive to the way the studio functions and changes.

Gina Hupprich
Holly S
Katie King
Zakare Johnson


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