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Hi potters here are some updates/reminders:


-Greenware shelves before Thanksgiving

-The last glaze fire before week 6 class bisque firings will be 12/4 (be aware the shelves may be full and your work won't make the next glaze until 12/12)

-We'll do as many glaze firings as possible since the classes will be glazing the week of the 12th and will fill the shelves quickly. Classes do take priority as they only glaze during week 7.

-The last glaze will be unloaded on Friday 12/23 by the evening. We will not plan any firings over the Christmas weekend since staff will be unavailable for the holidays!


Please share our flyer anywhere you can! We'll be printing some out to hang around town too.

Applications will be $10 and only for Pottery Mill Members. We will use tables around the studio/bring your own. We are open to other crafts from our potters just check in first.

Jonathan Principe
Gina Hupprich
Merlinna Navarro
Gulnora Gulyamova


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