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Hey guys this is just a reminder to clean up all the spaces you use! I came in this morning and all the tables where clean from the night before. It's now 245 and they are not left the way they where found this morning. Our studio is only going to be as clean as we keep it, and as a community space we need to consider the next person using the equipment. If a space is very dirty before you start using it let us kno so we can figure out who to talk to but also please just clean up better! Thank you

Gina Hupprich
Matt Camburn
Unknown member
Feb 11

I am not sure everybody understands fully how unhealthy for their lungs clay dust is and the importance of changing the water in your bucket often several times while wiping down surfaces one uses. It is not just the disapponitment of seeing a messy space, but breathing in what is left on the surfaces that could catch up with you.

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