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Hi all! I figured I would share what we’ll be doing in the upcoming hand-building class on Wednesday evenings 6:30-9 starting May 12th! Deeply inspired by Nancy S., the projects she’s interested in learning about are just too good not to do!! As always, members get a discount on classes so be sure to enter that on the tickets page-click on promo code, enter MEM15

Week 1: Incense holders (pinch pot and slab)

2: Cups & Mugs (Coil)

3: (Chopstick) Bowls (using plaster molds)

4: Oil/Vinegar Cruet (slab)

5: Butter dishes (pinch pot and slab)

6: Cake plates & Servers (slab)

7: Glazing (sponging and brushing)

Let me know what y’all think and if you have any questions!

Gina Hupprich
Kristen Brown


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