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Happy warm sunny Wednesday potters! I’ve got a list of announcements for you so take a minute to read through ☀️

  1. A few summers ago we did a tie dye day where you could preorder a shirt designed by us and then we all dyed them together and we’d love to do that again in June! Probably around lunch time on a weekend day. But we want to creat a new design so I wanna know your ideas! Any pottery themed design is good, not necessarily with our logos large on it. Let me know your ideas in the comments and we’ll make a pile for scheduling next week.

  2. Also in June we’re planning our Sidewalk Sale!!! This will be 10-3 on 6/29 with a rain date on 7/6. Send me a message if you want to sign up. This will not be a community table sale but instead a regular market style with your own table/pop up tent.

  3. Next week we’ll be finalizing details for the gallery we’ve got coming up! That’ll run 8/14-9/8. If you’re interested and haven’t already let us know do so now so I can include you in our email chain.

  4. This week is week 7 of classes and we’ll have two off weeks so I’ll be posting a pole for clean up night later this week or next week. That’ll be a weeknight the week of the 29th, whatever night gets the most votes.

  5. I owe someone change from a $100 bill dropped off the first week of April but I didn’t write down who so please let me know if it’s you.

  6. And finally the raku workshops are in two weekends so if you have pieces you haven’t dropped off you please let me know. Someone you also asked about coming to watch (at Chelsi’s house) during the workshop so please just send me a message if you really want to come hang out so I can get an idea and share info.

I think that’s finally it! Enjoy the really nice weather!

Gina Hupprich
Kate Houle
Kate Houle
Apr 18

Can I be included on the gallery email too please? Thanks!

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